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We have available to purchase online a range of waterplants including our favourite waterlilies. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful tropical climate here in Darwin, but even more lucky for you is that our waterlilies thrive in the Top End Weather! This means our waterlilies are available for purchase across Australia all year round, unlike some nurseries in colder climates! 

We are so happy to present to you our range of water plants that can be purchased online in the galleries below. Looking for something in particular, or need some more advice? Don't hesitate to contact us! 

Hardy Waterlilies
Tropical Waterlilies

Our hardy waterlilies not only thrive in tropical weather, they can also acclimatize well to colder areas! Definitely the best waterlily to purchase if you are unsure about your weather conditions.

Read more about Hardy Waterlilies here.

Or check out our range of hardy waterlillies that can be purchased online below!

Our Tropical waterlilies are perfect for top end weather, as they thrive in the heat and humidity. They can acclimatize to some colder areas, but best to check in with us if you are unsure! You can read more about Tropical Waterlilies here.

Or see our range of tropical Waterlilies than can be purchased online below!