The Bromeliad family, or bromeliaceae as they are also known, contains over 2700 described species of plants that come with a stirking array of colours, textures, and flowers. Probably the most easily recognizable being the pineapple!

Bromeliads are favourite plants for landscape designers as they can create beautiful tropical atmospheres either by creating a striking focal point with their colour and exotic flowers, or soft accents with other species such as the spanish moss. 

These beautiful plants provide long lasting blooms, and year-round ornamental foliage. Not only that, but they are easy to care for, and fairly low maintenance - as long as you know what they want! Bromeliads are not thirsty plants - they require very little water.

This can be tricky then for you who are wanting to plant out your bromeliad in the ground in the NT! You need to ensure you plants is well prepared for the wet season by setting up excellent drainage in the pot or garden bed that your are setting your bromeliads in. 

The wide varieties of bromeliads means that they can vary significantly in their colour, foliage and textures. Despite this, they are generally characterised by thick foliage that grows upward in a cupped shape. They also often produce flowers in their centre, which are quite striking and beautiful in their own right!

The bromeliad generally grows well on structures, trees, or well drained very coarse soil. They can withstand a wide variety of temperatures and climates, and are not seasonal.

Territory Exotics and Watergardens is proud to be one of the largest stockists of bromeliads in the Darwin area. Territory Exotics and Watergardens is largely involved with the NT bromeliad Society and specialises in producing high quality, healthy and happy broms!


Unfortunately we cannot sell our unique bromeliads online, but we can sell these beauties to our local residents! You can come and check out the collections on our next open day, find out the date here

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