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Nelumbo Single White

Nelumbo Single White


The Nelumbo single white is a large lotus with a beautiful single white flower. It has ivory white petals and a large yellow centre. It grows well in tropical climates and requires a large pond or watergarden for growth.

  • Planting Out

    The lotus is usually one of the larger water plants in the pond or dam, getting up to heights of 6 feet! Although, there are also miniature varieties that can be grown in smaller bowls also. They grow in a wide variety of climates, though like many of the waterlilies, will go dormant in the colder winter months. When planting out a lotus root, fill a third of the pot with top soil, dig a hole out in the middle and place the lotus root in the centre. Then push the top soil up around the root, being as gentle as possible, trying not to disturb the roots. Gently pour enough water in the pot to completely cover the top soil, but to allow the smallest leaf to float comfortably on top of the water. As the plant grows, continue to add more water, always allowing the smallest leaf to be able to float on the top.

    NOTE: it is very important that you place the root in very carefully, taking note not to break the growing tip. If you break the growing tip when repotting, your plant will die, so be as gentle as possible!

  • Placement in the Pond or Watergarden

    When choosing a place in the pond, it’s important to note that Lotus needs at least 5- 6 hours of sun each day and a lot of space. Dams or lakes are the best options for lotus, however miniature varieties will do well in ponds or pots.

    Don’t place your lotus near a waterfall or fountain, as it does not like water splashing on its leaves. Some slow moving water may be acceptable for some varieties however.

    You will need to begin your lotus at a shallow enough depth to allow the leaves to float on the water. Dig a small hole in the mud or top soil, and place your lotus in the middle, pushing the mud back up to it. As always, be as gentle as possible, ensuring not to break the growing tip!

  • Seasonal Notes

    Up here in the warmer climates of Darwin and the top end, most varieties of lotus will grow year round. However, as a general rule in non-tropical climates, lotus will go dormant in the winter and thrive in the Summer.

    In a Southern climate you will see growth begin around September / October, with flowers showing up in Summer and Autumn until approx. April.

  • Ongoing Care and Fertiliser

    Fertilise your lotus during its growing seasons, from October until approx. February. We use 2 tablets of agriform every 2 months all year around in Darwin, due to the warmer climate and ongoing growth periods throughout the year! A similar pattern will be suitable for Southern Australian climates however only whilst the lotus is in a growth state.

    As always, keep green algae to a minimum in your pond by simply scooping it out of the water when there is excessive build up. Continue to scoop the algae out until your pond finds its natural balance as your waterplant continues to grow. We suggest avoiding the use of chemicals or cleaners, however if you are concerned about the health of your pond, consult with a pond specialist in your area.

  • Purchases

    When you purchase with us you are purchasing the rhizome, or root system, of the plant you have purchased. We send you this via express post to ensure it has the minimum amount of time in postage as possible. These items can survive in the post for up to 4-5 days only. Therefore we send your item on the following Monday after your purchase (this ensure the item is not sitting in the post over the weekend!).

    You should then receive your item anywhere between 1-3 days following that Monday, at the latest it should arrive on a Thursday. It is essential that to keep your waterplant happy and healthy, you pick it up immediately and plant it out as soon as possible! Please see planting out instructions in your chosen plant’s information on our website.

    Please know that items that are not picked up within the appropriate timeframe may forfeit possibility of replacement or refund. We want the best possible outcome for your waterplant, and in order to ensure that we must keep it out of the post as long as possible! So please keep this in mind when purchasing your plant – purchase only at a time when you can be available to plant it out as soon as it arrives!

  • Refund or Replacement

    If for any reason your waterplant has not met the standards you would expect from the information provided, please contact us and we will work with you to come up with a solution!

    However, please remember that our water plants are posted on Monday’s only to ensure that you can pick your waterplant up before the weekend. If you fail to plant out your waterplant on the same day or next day of its arrival at your home or post office, then you understand that the plant may not be refunded or replaced.

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