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The famous lotus flower - a must have for every water garden. This beautiful flower is one of the most famous water plants across the world, not just for its beauty, but for its representation in spiritual and religious beliefs. The lotus flower is considered sacred across many civilizations including India, China, Japan and Korea. 

The flower's reach however extends further than this, as it grows across a wide variety of countries and climates. We even have a lotus that is native to the Northern Territory. There are 2 varieties of lotus, a Tropical type, that will grow and flower all year round, and a perennial type, that will go dormant in the winter. You can expect if you live in the top end of Australia however, that most lotus will grow all year round in the absence of a cold winter! 

Most lotus flowers will shoot way above the water level, with some growing as high as 6 feet tall! These large types will grow beautiful in a large water garden or pond, though luckily the lotus also has miniature varieties which will grow just as well in a small pot. This way you know that you can make your lotus a centre piece in the landscape no matter how big or small your watergarden is!

Check out our varieties below, or purchase directly from the shop page.


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Shop Lotus online

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