Like many of the other plants we stock, cordylines are beautiful plants that work together to create stunning tropical landscapes. Cordylines are not necessarily known for any particularly spectacular flowers, but they make up for this with gorgeous colour and unique foliage. Ranging in colours from bright pink, dark purples, bright greens to peach outlines, these gorgeous plants contain so much character! And the fantastic thing is that they retain this colour all year round. Cordylines may even survive cold winters in the most Southern parts of Australia, if you get the right species.

Whilst there are plenty of varieties of cordylines, there are about 15 species in total, 8 of those being native to Australia. However, its important to note that there have been many hybrids created over the years to create an array of colours and leaf shapes. Cordylines will usually grow well in low light conditions, meaning that when you are planning the height levels of your landscapes, you know you've got a beautiful foliage plant that can work well in any setting. However, a cordlyine will often exhibit brighter colours when in brighter light conditions. 


An interesting fact about cordylines is that their colour is created by their chemical makeup - different shades are often evident at different times of their life cycle. Where there is greens, there is clorophyll. Where there is pinks or red, the predominant chemical is anthocyanin, and xanthophyl for yellow or carotene for orange! 

To care for your cordyline, and keep the leaf colour bright, fertiliser is essential. We recommend a mixture of 2 parts dynamic lifter, 1part sulphate of potash granule, 1 part NPK Blue. Using these fertiliser's will ensure a bright colour in the leaves.

We have in our Darwin nursery a range of different cordylines to suit your tropical garden. Unfortunately we cannot sell these beautiful plants online, if you're not located in Darwin to purchase our cordylines, we strongly suggest to check out your local nursery for some! Cordylines make for a particularly lush, easy-growing plant that can add colour to your garden all year round.

Please see our range of cordylines available in our Darwin nursery in the pictures below, or come and see us on our next open day! You can keep up to date with our open days here. Or of course, don't hesitate, to contact us! 

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