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Welcome to Territory Exotics and Watergardens - your year round tropical destination for all things exotic. We have gorgeous water plants, bizarre and beautiful bromeliads, and a variety of other exotic plants to create your own alluring garden masterpiece.

Located 40kms from Tropical Darwin, Northern Territory, our nursery stocks a range of exotic, tropical and water plants that make up the perfect tropical garden. But don't just take our word for it, we want you to come and visit to check it out for yourself!


Not from Darwin? We'd love you to visit! However if you're not travelling to to Humpty Doo anytime soon, you can check out our pictures on the display gardens page, and browse our range of plants for sale online on the shop page. Our waterlilies bloom all year round as they thrive on the tropical climate here in the NT, therefore our waterlilies, in particular our hardy waterlilies, are available to purchase online any time of the year! 


If you're planning the trip out on one of our open days, you have the opportunity to not only view our range of plants at the nursery, but also to wander through the tropical gardens and water displays. We have large hand made ponds set up throughout the gardens exhibiting our range of waterlilies and water plants, as well as tropical gardens with collections of bromeliads, cordylines and other large exotic plants that are set up around bali-style gazebos.


Plan a day trip out here, and you will realise there is plenty to see and do out in the rural area! Use the drive to visit some of Darwin's favourite tourist activities, including the Jumping Crocodile Cruise, Fogg dam, and the Window to the Wetlands! 

We are open to the public twice a month, on the first and third Sunday of each month. You can follow our open dates from our facebook page!

Tonia Thompson is the owner of Territory Exotics and Watergardens, starting the business in 2006 by stocking many of the local nurseries with her gorgeous plants. Tonia has 10 years of experience specifically working with Waterlilies, however her expertise and knowledge around horticulture spans back approximately 18 years working in local nurseries and her other nursery businesses.

Tonia's love for the gardens can be seen in the quality of plants available as well as her keen interest and knowledge, and enthusiasm for helping others set up their gorgeous gardens!

Tonia opens her doors to the public to view her display gardens twice a month, if you would like to ask any questions and utilise some of that experience and knowledge for your own gardens. You can find out when the next open day is here

Territory Exotics and Watergardens Lilys and lotus

I'd like to be a water-lily sleeping on the river,
Where solemn rushes whisper, and funny ripples quiver.
All day I'd watch the blue sky—all night I'd watch the black,
Floating in the soft waves, dreaming on my back,
And when I'd tired of dreaming, I'd call a passing fish,
"I want to find the sea!" I'd shout, "Come! You can grant my wish!"

He'd bite me from my moorings, and softly I would slip
To the center of the river like an ocean-going ship.
The waves would laugh upon me. The wind would blow me fast,
And oh, what shores and wonders would greet me as I passed!
Yes, if I were a water-lily, I'd sail to sea in state—
A green frog for my captain—and a dragon-fly for my mate!

Water Lily, By John Chipman Farrar

Territory Exotics and watergardens

About Territory Exotics & Watergardens

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