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Hardy waterlilies are gorgeous water flowers that grow in both warm and colder climates, making them ideal for watergardens both in tropical Darwin, and in our southern Australian states as well! Whilst not Native to Australia, these beauties thrive in our climates and attract beautiful native bees and other insects. Hardy waterlilies grown here in our Darwin climate tend to grow larger and stronger as they thrive here under our care! 

Hardy waterlilies are slightly different to Tropical Waterlilies, not only due to their ability to withstand colder climates, but also in their growth patterns, colours, and  the shape and texture of their petals. For example many hardy waterlilies will have smoother, rounder petals and flowers will float on the top of the water rather that standing above. Hardy waterlilies are characterised also by their horizontal growth along the rhizome, and the thicker waterlily pads.

If you are looking to order waterlilies and are in colder Australian climates, hardy waterlilies are what we highly recommend! Our waterlilies thrive all year round in our warm climate, but please be aware they may go dormant in colder conditions. Hardy waterlilies however are generally able to withstand colder temperatures, especially when cared for appropriately.

Please see our selection of hardy waterlilies below, or alternatively, shop all our plants here.








Shop Hardy Waterlilies online

Shop Hardy Waterlilies online

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