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Tropical waterlilies, as their name suggests, are best suited to warmer climates. In Darwin we are lucky that these gorgeous flowers will open up for us at all times of the year. Tropical waterlilies are some of the most sought after plants for watergardens and ponds alike, as they open up large flowers with absolutely stunning colours, that create dramatic effects in the landscape. 

Whilst some tropical waterlilies may not thrive in the cold winters of southern Australia, there are some varieties that can withstand colder temperatures, or at least go dormant until weather permits strength and growth once more. We encourage you to be wise about the temperature in your area before deciding to purchase in the winter - but definitely cultivate these beauties whenever the weather permits! 


Tropical waterlilies are generally starry shapes and rise up high above the water, though there are some exceptions. The pads of tropical waterlilies are thinner then the hardy waterlilies, and will be scalloped or toothy with a variety of colours or speckles. Tropical waterlilies will grow from a single crown, where all of the leaves and flowers stem from. 

Tropical waterlilies really are the stars of the pond - with sharp, sculpted petals and an array of stunning colours and scents, these are what every watergarden needs. Check out some of our range of tropical waterlilies below, or shop our whole range here.

Shop Tropical Waterlily online

Shop Tropical Waterlilies online

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