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A water garden landscape is never finished without some beautiful foliage and aerating aquatic plants, and we have a gorgeous selection for you! From crawlers to giant rush grasses, we have something that will help you set up the colours, heights and characteristics of your water garden to suit the ecosystem you want to create! 

Adding a variety of waterplants to your pond can help achieve a natural glorious look. Smaller marginals can soften the edges of your pond, whilst rushgrasses add height and reach. Not only this, many plants help aerate the water naturally, minimise the growth of algae, and provide essential food and shelter for fish and other aquatic animals.

Not sure what to pick?

Rushgrasses such as the Egyptian papyrus or Cypress "Umbrella Grass" can create stunning height and overhanging foliage that frames your garden beautifully.

Plants such as the Barcopa can act as either marginals or aquatics, aerating your pond and providing beautiful colour and shade for animals in your pond ecosystem.

Favourites such as Caladium or Taro add a burst of colour and lushness about the pond, as they grow prolifically and bushy at the side!

Each plant has specific characteristics, and can aid in your pond ecosystem in a variety of ways. To determine which best suits your needs, don't hesitate to contact us!

However, the best way to get great ideas on your pond or waterplants would be to come and visit us on our next open day! You can find out when that is here at our facebook page! 

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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