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We absolutely love to share pictures of the beautiful flowers and foliage that come from our display gardens, and we'd love for you to come and visit us to check it out for yourself. If you aren't located in Darwin however, we hope that you enjoy this glimpse into our beautiful tropical oasis. 

Please enjoy, and hopefully you will get the chance to come and visit us soon!

Cordyline Darwin
Nymphaea Mayla
Cordyline Darwin
Nymphaea King of the Blues
Bromeliads Darwin
Nymphaea Woods Blue Goddess
Nymphaea Clyde Ikins
Bromeliads Darwin
Bromeliads Darwin
Nymphaea Attraction
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Bromeliads Darwin
Nymphaea Mrs Richmond
Cordyline Darwin
Bromeliads Darwin
Nymphaea Gypsy
Nymphaea Daubenyana
Cordyline Darwin
Logo Small with ant
RoseArey hardie
Nymphaea Wan Vista
Golden Orb
Exotic 2
pink bits
dragonfly purple
dragonfly bud 2
New Red Lotus
bromeliads again 7
Hardie Roseanna Slip
Dragonfly blue
mini garden 4
Buddha Head
Flamin Red Star
bromeliads again 2
exotic 3
bromeliads again 5
Cordyline Darwin
bromeliads again 6
Small pond 2
bromeliads again
Nymphaea Madame Ganna Walska
Pond and Gazebo
mini world 10
Pink Reflections
Nymphaea Tina
Path 1
bromeliads again 4
mini world 9
mini garden 7
mini garden 2
Yakkas and pond
White Glow
spike 2
Small pond
Purple Bud
exotic 3
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